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We know he was being a jerk, but still, there's no excuse for resorting to violence.

After Wanda flees, she joins Team Cap in opposing the superhero-restricting Sokovia Accords.

But more about Connelly and Bettany’s newly acquired Brooklyn Heights house.

The Ingrassias had purchased it for .75 million in 2006, Finance Department records indicate.

They purchased the landmarked Park Slope property for .7 million in 2003 and sold it for .45 million in 2008, Finance Department records show.

The trust that was used to purchase the Brooklyn Heights townhouse is the same one through which Connelly and Bettany bought and sold their Park Slope house, Finance Department records indicate.Wanda rightly calls him out on his creepy behavior, telling him, "We talked about this." That means he's barged in on her before and has continued to do so explicitly against her wishes. trying to keep Wanda from leaving the mansion when she wants to go outside.He says he's protecting her, but that's not his decision to make.But alas, their commitments to their respective Avengers teams — and you know, saving the world — keep them from living out their fantasy of domestic bliss. The Vision and Scarlet Witch have had an on-again, off-again relationship for decades in the comics, but there's nothing poetic about it.And eventually, Scarlet Witch has to sacrifice Vision in an attempt to save the universe. Simply put, their relationship has been a complete disaster and is messed up in more ways than we can count. He was created by another robot, the villainous Ultron, who had the intent of using him to destroy the Avengers. She's a human being (a mutant throughout most of her comic history, but mutants are still humans), and there's nothing mechanical about her.

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In the comics, Vision has long held a desire to know what it means to become human.

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