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Conversely, poorly choosing the keywords of a website condemn it to page 9 of the Google SERP !We rework and optimize your texts so that they are perfectly clear to your visitors, with the sufficient level of detail to meet the search engines quality criteria.Having your website created by someone (we) seems so outdated! After all, you see advertisements every day offering you pre-made websites that are easy to fill, can change the design quickly, for 10 to 30 € each month, and sometimes even for free!Indeed, the loading speed of a website is an essential criterion to have it rank high in Google.And even if your site "seems" to load fast, do not believe it: Search engines take into account the loading speed to the milliseconds (ms).

Indeed, since you pay us to design your website, we take care of everything.Thinking, coding, defining the sitemap, refining graphics, testing on mobile phones, tablets and computers. With a turnkey site, you should do everything on your own. Indeed, each one its job, and yours is not to know how to define the tree/sitemap of your website, and distribute the content on this or that page, or in this or that section.Le Juste Web have experience in creating the best sitemap, and know how many pages are good for your business, and how long they need to be.Fortunately, Le Juste Web masters all of this, and takes care of it for you, with all the experience that is ours.We optimize all our websites so that they load really fast.

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