Qt ui file not updating

A destination may be given to use a different filename or path for the RCC file.

Indicates that the target uses the named Qt 5 modules.

Imported target names should be preferred instead of using a variable like Qt5 which can be used for this purpose.

Imported targets are created with the configurations Qt was configured with.

The target will be linked to the specified modules, use the include directories installed by those modules, use the COMPILE_DEFINITIONS set by those modules, and use the COMPILE_FLAGS set by the modules.

If Qt was configured with the -release switch an imported target with the configuration RELEASE will be created.The name of the generated files will be Generate the xml interface file from the given header.If the optional argument interfacename is omitted, the name of the interface file is constructed from the basename of the header with the suffix appended., Qt Designer does not generate C source code right away.While this would be possible, it would make it much more difficult to change the dialogs later by using Qt Designer.

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