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The producers (IPPs) have contributed significantly in this addition.

As a matter of fact Gujarat is one of the first few states in India to have encouraged private sector investment and are already in operation.

Dhuvaran has a thermal power station, which uses coal, oil and gas.

The Tarapur nuclear station in Maharashtra supplies the remaining power.

During the period 1960–90, Gujarat established itself as a leader in various industrial sectors including textiles, engineering, chemicals, petrochemicals, drugs & pharmaceuticals, dairy, cement & ceramics, and gems & jewellery.

The post-liberalization period saw Gujarat's state domestic product (SDP) rising at an average growth rate of 14% per annum in real terms (from 1994 to 2002).

The state operating companies like GNFC, GSPC, GSFC, GMDC are a few among flagship companies of the state.

General Motors produces the ‘Astra’ car at Halol near Vadodara.

It is one of India's most prosperous states, having a per-capita GDP significantly above India's average.

Kalol Khambat and Ankaleshwar are today known for their oil and natural gas production.

One of India's most industrialized states, Gujarat maintains a variety of industries, the principal ones being general and electrical engineering and the manufacture of textiles, vegetable oils, chemicals, soda ash, and cement.

New industries include the production of fertilizers and petrochemicals.

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