Rappelz launcher not updating

thanks again ghost and his team for fighting back those greedy companies. need some help 2019-03-05 client checksum failed: (201507080, 201507080) at 2019-03-05 !!!!!Invalid Message from[ID: 25726, Size: 48353395] after loging in and selecting the server , disconnected message shows in the server background used arabic 9.5 client with its compatible sframe and glandu2's rappelzcmdlauncher, my auth settings are the same as 9.4 cuz nothing else worked.

Hunt Event You will find Arch Angels & Frost Queen around the Rappelz World. Join our Active in-game Events Login rewards: Receive Spin tokens & Christmas Coupons for being online every 2 hours.

If your Launcher is stuck checking for updates, and never fully downloads a manifest and installs, you may need to clear the cache and make a few other changes.

The Launcher has two cache folders to help open and load faster.

######### Oyun zellikleri ######### x60 Drop zelliği (1 Saat ierisinde 100 level olabilme imkanı.) & ne zor ne kolay tam orta derece.

Project Exodus includes the following: Repacked client, with tons of stuff including new hunting maps, monsters, items and much more! Server side bug fixes, recoding existing code, implementing new code. Kill them for the following drops: Purified Pieces Wcoins Red & Blue Roses Exchange them at the Event NPC for a Valentine Ring or Purified Pieces! Hunt Snowmans & Reindeers around the world for drops and exp!

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