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It probably had a lot to do with Melissa, but we’ll get to that in a bit.When I moved from Boston to LA about six years ago, my two friends and I stopped in New Orleans on our road trip, and I had to put the Belfort Mansion on the To Do list.I think the reason why he hates the AYTO kids being on the show now is that he has a harder time manipulating them into doing his bidding.And I think he would be one of the first houseguests evicted if he were to ever do Big Brother.

I have to give Bananas, and Nany credit that season, as they clawed their way back into the game. I did like some of the original cast, they were overshadowed when they brought everyone else and their grandmas in. The latest seasons have been more about a weird twist to cause drama that these people already had in their lives (people from home) rather than what got RW famous in the first place. When you add in too many people, you don't get enough of the core groups story. Don't let them have cell phones, make them do an odd job that they don't want to do but is interesting.The problem with "Redemption", is it happened way too early, so the competitors you face in redemption are most likely weak competitors(With the exceptions of Darrell, and Jenna).Funny how he didn't hate the concept of a Redemption House when it benefited him a few seasons ago...

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