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Nemeth, who was a true freshman last season, is no longer part of the program."The well-being of Auburn student-athletes was and is our utmost concern," Auburn athletics said in a statement to Saturday.

"In each instance of a personnel issue or question, Auburn Athletics works in conjunction with the university's administration, following all established guidelines and in compliance with NCAA and SEC regulations when applicable, to investigate, learn the facts and take appropriate action."We followed this same procedure in matters related to the softball program.

By both practice and in compliance with federal privacy laws, Auburn doesn't disclose details of personnel matters."Over the past five months, attempted to contact more than a dozen former Auburn athletes, coaches and support staffers regarding the circumstances surrounding Corey Myers' resignation.

Nearly all, including several quoted in ESPN's story, did not respond, in some cases to multiple messages, but one former player claimed she received inappropriate text messages from Corey Myers during her time at Auburn.

"I just stopped and called my mom afterwards, ' Like this is really weird, I don't know what to do.' She said, ' Don't say anything to anyone,' because I could have gotten in trouble.

Because me coming out about a coach being inappropriate, especially the Myers, I probably could've gotten kicked off. ..."People are so scared to come out because they think that nothing's going to come about it because of who (the Myers') are.

Several players refused to board the team's bus to go to Georgia that night with the player involved in the messages with Corey Myers."We said that if she gets on, we're staying off," Fagan said, according to ESPN.

"It was a team decision."Infielder Emily Spain took what Clint Myers called a "leave of absence" at that time for what Myers said were unspecified health reasons.

However, that lasted just two weeks after Clint Myers and another coach "asked select members of the team to 'go fight for Corey' with the athletic department," Fagan told ESPN."It's a grind being an assistant coach and having a family; little kids, it's a tough thing.I appreciate him being willing to say, ' You know what, I can't keep doing both of these.Auburn updated its online roster on Friday and Spain, who has not responded to multiple messages from, is no longer listed.On April 6, Clint Myers said he would welcome Corey Myers back to the program "in a heartbeat" and he did not know if Corey Myers' resignation on March 30 was connected to the leave of absence he took from the program last fall.

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