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The day I turned 40, I was in shock because I was still single.

How had I reached this milestone birthday and remained unattached?

Our backgrounds, family upbringings, religions, and careers were polar opposites.

But here is how I looked past all of that and came to realize I had found my soulmate: 1. For our fourth date, Paul was an hour late (for good reason). Of all the men I had dated, my time with Paul seemed very different.

Take the time to figure out what matters most to you and use that as your own soulmate guide.

I wanted to meet a wonderful guy who had a good heart and was kind, fun to be with, attractive, employed and someone who could accept my spiritual viewpoints about life. I smile as I write this, because we just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary!

If you’re newly single or have plenty of dates but nothing is clicking, coaching will make a difference.

Ronnie’s insight and advice will improve your results as you: Woking with Ronnie, You'll Focus on Three Main Areas:1.

Become mentally prepared by knowing what to say and how to react. Working with Ronnie - Everything is Totally Customized to You!

What sets Ronnie's work apart from other Dating Coaches is that everything is totally customized to meet your particular needs.

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