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We really like the way you have things set up here.

And are glad that you stay a part of the groups interactions.

Open discussions about race and navigating distinct cultures in relationships rang true to the audiences that day, bringing forth the mission to bridge the cultural gap on this issue to an enriching conclusion.

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He recounted a story in which he informed his parents about his newfound relationship while he was in college.

He feared talking about her race, thinking they would disapprove.

I was happy Dinga brought up this contradiction, believing that this idea of colorblindness makes people feel comfortable by disregarding race.

He recognized that his parents would not come around right away, but they would have to accept his relationship because he loved her. Usually when interracial relationships are discussed, we typically think of a black man with a white woman or a black woman with a white man.

She freely joked about making a run for it when their encounter would undoubtedly get uncomfortable.

When they arrived, they were unable to enter the house.

Sam Dinga, mentoring and internships coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, was a guest speaker for the workshop.

Dinga, a black man originating from Cameroon, shared his experiences falling in love with his Caucasian wife here in Wisconsin and his experiences raising bi-racial children.

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