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Not until 1790 was it safe to stir up the redskins.Block-houses were built by the Damrons, and others, near Pikeville ; by others near Prater Creek. They describe the political and other machines set up by nations, states, or counties. Almost all writers of history dwell on the ac- tions of men in their collective capacity.But intoxication did not prevail as alarmingly as it has since the apple has become so large a factor in potent drinks on Sandy. The following certificate so kindly put into the author's hands by Mr. The very same year, 1789, the Leslies attempted to make a settlement at the mouth of Pond Creek, on the Tug River.We should say, however, that a great reformation has been going on for twenty years, and the sale of liquor is, in the Kentucky counties, outlawed by the people. They, like Vancoover and others at the Forks, were driven back by the Indians, who were at the time prowling around in the valley.

Ken- tucky, once a county of Virginia, was the nearest territory of unoccupied land to move to from Vir- ginia, part of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the WM. On the point of land where the Sandy and Tug form a junction was the first settlement attempted, in 1789.

The Indians ceased troubling our forefathers and mothers in 1790, while they were murdering the whites, and stealing horses in the Scioto Valley as late as 1802. By 1806 many of the old fami- lies, whose descendants are now our foremost peo- ple, had taken up their abode in the valley.

Yet game was much more abundant in the Big Sandy Valley than in the Scioto. As the reader progresses along in this volume, the doings of those pioneers will be chronicled.

Even handker- chiefs were woven from the flax, and served on many occasions as wedding-gear.

Many of the men could sport breeches made of dressed deer-skins, and shoes made of the same material were found on the feet of both sexes. The amusements of the people were adequate to their wants.

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