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On May 11, 1993, based on his investigation, Barth recommended to the Director of the JCDC, Charles Megerman, that CO Toomer be terminated.

Barth was concerned about what CO Toomer would do to prisoners and believed that CO Toomer could not be trusted.

On May 18, 1990, CO Williams came into her cell in the medical housing unit and had sexual intercourse with her, and then let an inmate, Donald Noble, into the cell to have sex with her.

CO Williams then reentered the cell after Noble and had sex with Stone again.

Turner, Kansas City, MO, on the brief), for Appellee. In addition, CO Toomer would frequently open Hylton's cell, make obscene sexual gestures to Hylton, and talk to Hylton about oral sex.

Jurisdiction The district court had subject matter jurisdiction over this civil rights action under 28 U. According to Dela Cruz, on at least two separate occasions, she overheard CO Toomer tell Hylton, who occupied a cell across from Dela Cruz, that Hylton would have to raise her nightshirt and pull down her pants in order to obtain a candy bar.

At all relevant times, Hylton was in remedial classes and was described as “mentally slow.”Dela Cruz and Hylton reported some of these incidents to CO Keisling, who then relayed their complaints to the Manager of Detention, James Mc Coy, in a memorandum dated April 9, 1993. Also on April 9, 1993, Pat Byler, the GED teacher at the jail, sent a memorandum to Jon Barth, Administrative Assistant to the Manager of Detention, advising him of Dela Cruz's allegations. After receiving Byler's memorandum of April 9, 1993, Barth conducted an investigation of CO Toomer.

SA Dennison responded immediately to CS O'Neill's report and went to speak to Ware directly.

ARNOLD, Chief Judge,1 and Mc MILLIAN and WOLLMAN, Circuit Judges. Dela Cruz also observed CO Toomer and three male trustees having sex with female inmates in the showers.

Schermerhorn, Jackson County Counselor, on the brief), for Appellant. Jackson County, Missouri (the County), appeals from a final order entered in the United States District Court Ware v. On one occasion, CO Toomer allowed a male inmate to look in on Dela Cruz while she used the toilet.

Other Officers' Sexual Misconduct and the County's Response Inmate Jean Stone testified that she was sexually assaulted by JCDC guards on several occasions.

The assaults began soon after her arrest and arrival at the medical housing unit of the JCDC in or around March 1990.

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For reversal, the County argues that the evidence was insufficient as a matter of law to establish (1) a continuing, widespread, persistent pattern of unconstitutional conduct by county employees; (2) deliberate indifference by the County to a substantial risk of harm to Ware; and (3) a causal link between the County's conduct and Ware's injury. In 1995 Ware brought a § 1983 action against the County, alleging that JCDC Corrections Officer (CO) John Toomer raped her in violation of the Eighth Amendment while she was a JCDC inmate.

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