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In a standard GUI, users receive all the information at once and are usually confused by multiple inputs.

What´s interesting is that in the case of Conversational Interface, information is provided progressively under user´s command.

Implementing an NLP technology is quite expensive, a vendor could charge 10k-20k for an initial implementation.

In today’s world users have less attention span than a goldfish, they are easily distracted by all sorts of things like mobile apps, emails, slack notifications, etc.Instead of relying only on natural language interaction, with CI we can have a richer and more dynamic user experience.In this category, the best example would be the bot platform of Slack, where they are betting big on UI elements like images, interactive buttons, and message menus.Also, IMHO user interface exists to simplify user’s choices so they could get what they need without over thinking.Another great point about CI is its cost effectiveness.

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When I published my last post, many readers were asking me to provide more details about Conversational Interfaces (CI).

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