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Readers who are familiar with my Sugar Lake series will recognize Harmony Pointe as Derek Grant’s hometown.

2) What was the idea that sparked the beginning of the series?

Their story is filled with humor and sexy times, and this one wallops the reader with an ugly-cry worthy punch.

This family is very female centric, which is different than most of my other series. 5) There are friends-to-lovers romances and then there is Ben and Aurelia who are closer-than-close.

I am very excited to share this Feature Post and Book Review for Melissa Foster’s new release CALL HER MINE (Harmony Pointe Book One).

“He was supposed to set up a meeting with our legal team.” “For the hotel chain you’re buying? She slammed her mouth closed, unable to believe what she’d said.

She stormed through the hallway and out the door, followed by Ben’s laughter—and almost tripped over a basket.

*** Melissa Foster Author Interview: 1) ”If a woman can’t find love in the quaint town of Harmony Pointe, it’s sure to find them…” —this is the tagline for your newest series Harmony Pointe.

Tell us a bit about the town and these women who are finding love.

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