Sweet home alabama dating show

Our concern: What if finding his Southern girl makes him realize his dream isn’t to settle down yet after all?

A lot of these men hope to be the providers of the family, but Todd is already doing that. providing tons of refreshments to California girls on a regular basis.

Whether they’re born and raised city boys or bred down on the farm, they’re each hoping to win a chance with this Southern belle.

He also travels a lot in support of his music, so finding a girl willing to hop in the car and set off with him would be perfect. Tyler is sure to stand out among the bachelors and in real life.

The sales representative is known for his impeccable style, which is often accentuated by flashy suits.

He’s convinced you can’t flourish and succeed anywhere else.

Will Kelsey be willing to give up the South for LA?

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The 25-year-old Californian has done the dating scene and now he’s ready for find a nice Southern girl to pull into his fast-paced life.

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