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Bill and Melinda went to bed that night with a laptop. A lactating college girl in her dorm, while her roommate is out. There's a unique combination." Part of the reason he clicked on that model was because, as a doctor, he did a lot of research in the field of lactation, creating new drugs to help nursing mothers. This was a new venture she enjoyed exploring while her roommate was out. They made small talk and sat by the dining table next to each other before lunch would be served. You're a smart girl and you possess your father's intellectual curiosity." "So you're not mad? "This is difficult for me to say." "I drove two hours to be here," Tiffany pointed out. The truth was, they were both equally mortified by having this conversation. As a loving mother, Melinda had no other choice but to confront this head on. " Tiffany asked with a deflated tone, making no effort to deny this. The important thing is, what on earth are you thinking? You could be recognized someday when you have a career." Tiffany's natural reaction was to just break down and cry. When you called me yesterday, you weren't entirely sure that I had taken dad's research drugs." "What's your point exactly? " "Mom, trust me, I'm extremely protective and careful with my identity. They were about to engage in their new favorite activity; performing oral sex on each other while watching live webcam porn. Also, the cam model was from the same state as them, Massachusetts. It gave her a thrill which couldn't be replicated anywhere else. "I'm sure you're wondering what this is about," Melinda said. " "That you secretly took your father's medication? " "You watched me." Tiffany's lips formed a mildly-deviant smile. You saw my cam show and somehow recognized that it was me." Melinda threw her hands up. Needless to say, it had a profound impact on him and he was close to his release. Bill was suddenly struck by a powerful realization as he continued observing the cam model. So did the background dorm room, which actually looked like a real dorm, as opposed to a staged set which many performers use. Her roommate, who was out with an Advance Calculus study group, would be back soon, so she needed a quick shower. And I did have a look at his stuff when he wasn't around." "Oh really." "Yes, really. I want to be one of the top female researches in the country someday. "This is painful for me to ask, but did you take any of your father's medication? That doesn't make sense." "Let me clarify," Melinda gulped harder. In fact, Bill was certain he had been to that dorm room just a few short months ago. After quickly rinsing and drying herself, she crashed in bed and checked her laptop again. Tiffany was surprised since she knew her parents usually went to bed early. But if you're implying that I stole dad's research and passed it along, then that's not true. "Did you take any of your father's research mediation. *** It was two nights later when Tiffany had a chance to perform on cam again. and did her normal routine of breast milk and masturbation. She pictured her parents giving each other oral favors, or God knows what, while watching. She squirted too, and was thankful that her new laptop was water resistant (or in this case, milk and orgasm resistant). Your father is upstairs in bed, completely spent." Tiffany's face lit up. That show must have done a real number on him." "Trust me, it did. You were going down on dad while he watched me on cam, not knowing it was me." "I need a full glass of wine after this conversation is over." "No, what you need is more excitement in your life. And you'll understand why I do it." "Look, we'll forget this conversation ever happened. The lactation thing is a huge hit with my followers." "Oh goodness," Melinda sighed. Her pussy surprisingly moistened at the last thought. She leaned back on the bed and spread her legs so that the audience could get a good look at her pussy. Then, with a bath towel spread on her bed, with plastic underneath, she poured the breast milk slowly across her pussy. Now, with her parents watching, she might have set a new record for herself, for the fastest time to reach a powerful orgasm.

These young babes are all eager to explore and get dirty, so you should feel lucky to know that all of their hardcore antics can be found in one place; our movie gallery. The lusty and dirtiest teenage bimbos all end up in our daily stream as part of our ever growing porn collection! It was like she was a college girl possessed to say the most deviant things. And neither of them could believe that this plan could possibly become a reality. A part of me was rather intrigued." "I want to sleep over Saturday night." "Sounds like there's something on your mind." "A plan," Tiffany said. " Tiffany couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth. " "We use the same account." "Who's normally in charge? "It was your father's turn to browse, and he showed me afterwards, but much too late." "What does that mean...." Tiffany stopped dead in her tracks. As she milked her pert breasts into a glass cup, she noticed something in her chat listing which instantly grabbed her attention and caused her adrenaline to rush. A part of her was worried that the audience would be mad for the shorter show. Thanks to a refill of her father's experimental medication, she had more than enough milk to entertain her loyal audience. Maybe they were just laying in bed together, side by side, holding hands, watching their daughter perform naked on webcam. After she came, she just laid back on her bed, enjoying the intense feeling.

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If you and dad are looking at cam sites, it's because you're missing something in the bedroom, or you want to enhance it. You and dad have been together for so long and this will be something exciting. "I don't approve of this, but you're an adult now, and I have to respect your wishes since you're at least exercising safety." "One last thing." "Yes? "Since I'm here, do you think I can grab more of dad's experimental drugs? Next came the final part of her show, which she was now extremely eager to get to. Normally, this voyeuristic act of exposing herself to several hundred people pushed her to cum within a few minutes.

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