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After professing his love for her Ethan reveals that despite the fact that he is anti-capitalist and trades handyman work for food, he is secretly a multi-millionaire. You can also find references to the series at MSN under their list of articles on dating.

“Reading this column reminded me how horrible the dating world can be,” wrote Karen.

Merlie, who describes herself as a “displaced housewife,” wrote: “I am Sara’s age and the stories helped me survive through so many nights I cried.

Her attempts to enter the dating world mirrored mine.

He drives a Taurus, and only posed for the pictures on his friend’s Harley.

Making things worse, her ex-husband has been tearing up the dating scene: They’d share accounts of my ex-husband’s escapades, which included dating three out of five waitresses at what used to be our favorite downtown seafood restaurant and a romp in the woods with a history professor at the departmental barbecue.

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