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The license grants you access to download the item/design for a period of 365 days (90 days for selected clubs) after the date of purchase.

During this period, the item/design will be upgraded regularly and your license grants you permission to download these upgrades.

After your license expires, you may continue to use the templates your entitlements allow for, so the templates are not time-limited.

You are authorized to make any necessary modification(s) to our items/designs to fit your purposes.

In Joomla 2.5, you have the ability to change the template for your entire site.

All items/designs (templates, modules, components, plugins, extensions, etc.) published on this site are sold under regular or extended license unless the requirements outlined below are met.

You may not however redistribute or release non-GPL portions of the items/designs as GPL or otherwise.

You must also not change or remove the copyright information in the header of the any file included in the installation package.

You may use each individual item/design on a single website or on multiple websites depends on the purchased license type: regular or extended, belonging to either you or your client.

You may not use a regular license on multiple websites/projects.

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This Joomla theme features multiple portfolio, strips, mosaic, pricing tables pages and various color presentation options. You have unlimited possibilities to build your own style, because all styles and CSS options can be done in real time from Joomla backend ( Customizer).

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