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The other morning, after too little sleep and with too much to do, Jenna Bush Hager found herself dragging, and kicked herself for it.“I almost called myself Low-Energy Jenna,” she told me. Low-Energy Jeb was Donald Trump’s taunting nickname for her uncle during the 2016 campaign.He’d announced that just hours before our lunch.“It does feel like we’re going backwards in some ways,” Jenna said, “and that’s probably as much as I can say.”Is she pro-choice? ” I asked.“I think women should be able to make the right decision that would allow them to live — truly allow them to live,” she said.Their father opposed abortion rights but their mother stayed mum, vaguely identifying herself as pro-choice only after the couple left the White House. Not according to the account of the twins’ visit to the White House shortly after the first President Bush’s election, when they were 7. However, her father was a distant cousin of 14th president Franklin Pierce (both descended from Massachusetts colonist Thomas Pierce).

But perhaps five years ago, Barbara visited me at The Times to discuss the Global Health Corps, a public-health analogue to the Peace Corps and Teach for America that sends more than 100 recent college graduates annually into the most impoverished areas of the world.

But they do make you question the caricatures that we blithely traffic in, the assumptions that we breezily make and our reluctance to allow for how much the objects of our curiosity can change.

Their father’s late-blooming obsession with painting: Even they didn’t see that one coming.

They’re not the Manhattan party fixtures they could easily be.

Barbara Pierce Bush is currently dating Jaly Blount.

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