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If the certificate does not have a private key, you can fix this by doing the following: To fix this, use the MMC snapin to import the cert into PERSONAL, click it and grab the serial # line.Go to dos, run certutil -repairstore my "paste the serial # in here" (you need the quotes) then refresh MMC with personal certs, right click it - export - select everything except DELETE PRIVATE KEY, hit ok.

Occasionally a restart of IIS may be required before the new SSL Certificate is recognized.After installation of a wildcard SSL certificate into the certificate store, the certificate does not appear in the IIS certificate list for use with site bindings.The certificate was installed correctly, but apparently no key was included with the certificate.Save 48% on Wildcard Certificates You’re going to need to start by getting your SSL certificate ready to install.Comodo will email you your certificate once it’s issued.

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