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' rows'); EXIT WHEN c_data%NOTFOUND; END LOOP; CLOSE c_data; END; / Oracle 10g performs implicit array fetches of 100 records in cursor FOR loops, making this limit clause method unnecessary provided an array size of 100 records is suitable for your purposes.The effects of this implicit array processing are displayed by the implicit_array_script.The Ask TOM team will be busy at Open World this month.If you are at the conference, drop into the Groundbreaker area and say Hello.

1 37 loop 38 open c; 39 loop 40 fetch c BULK COLLECT into l_owner, l_object_name, l_subobject_name, 41 l_object_type, l_timestamp, l_status, 42 l_temporary, l_generated, l_secondary limit 100; 43 exit when c%notfound; 44 end loop; 45 close c; 46 end loop; 47 dbms_output.put_line( (dbms_utility.get_time-l_start)

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When the script is run against an Oracle 9i database, both bulk operations are faster than the regular for loop.

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