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If you are already running SLES 8, you may be able to run an update to SLES 9 rather than re-installing from scratch.

This article examines the update process and gives you suggestions on how to make an update successful.

open SUSE upgrade process is definitely not easy as Ubuntu or other distribution upgrade methods.

Also, the boot loader still displayed the older version number (13.1) in the boot menu.

You have to change it manually after logging into the system.

If you don’t care about the version number in the boot menu, just ignore i, and continue to use the new version 13.2.

Have you manually edited any configuration files to take advantage of options not addressed by the distribution's configuration tools?

Any of these things can cause problems when an update occurs.

Think carefully about the changes you may have made.

It is very common to tweak a kernel to support hardware.

Often this hardware is supported in the later version.

First let us check whether the update repository exists and enabled.

To do that enter the following command in Terminal: # | Alias | Name | Enabled | Refresh | URI -- --------------------------- ------------------------------------ --------- --------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 | open SUSE-13.1-1.10 | open SUSE-13.1-1.10 | Yes | No | cd:///?

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