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Hardware-software-disaggregation means the user is free to swap out either the hardware or the NOS at will; they are not tied to one another as with legacy switches from major vendors that install their own NOSs, turning their offerings into proprietary switches.

The approach is analogous to the use of virtual servers, which disaggregate the server OS from the underlying hardware – and provide similar benefits.

They also usually include a software development kit (SDK) to program the ASIC, such as to set up a VLAN or ACL entries.

that is intended to be disaggregated, or abstracted, from the underlying network hardware.

, Delta Networks, Foxconn and Quanta Cloud Technology.

This is a simple job that many homeowners do themselves. (There will likely be a minimum job charge.) Note: As an alternative, GFCI breakers () can be installed on the main panel.

What it means: Frayed wiring in the weatherhead (the outdoor fitting where overhead cables from the power line come into the house) is causing a short whenever the cables move. What it means: Heavy reliance on extension cords and power strips. (The thicker the wire, the lower the gauge number.) Undersize extension cords (16-gauge or smaller) can overheat and ignite a fire if loads are too heavy. Expect to pay an electrician about 0 per first-floor outlet and double that for second-floor work.

(There will likely be a minimum charge.) This work requires cutting holes in walls and ceilings to snake the wires.

The signs of strain may be obvious—a tangle of extension cords and power strips sprouting from a single outlet—or lurking unseen behind walls, ceilings, and cover plates.

Protecting the Box Fuse boxes, like this one, are less common these days than circuit breaker panels, but they work just fine — unless someone installs fuses with a higher amperage than the wires can safely handle.

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