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Internet Explorer 8 The next update you’ll install is Internet Explorer 8.Most fresh installs of Windows XP SP3 come with Internet Explorer 6 by default.There are some of Windows XP key features given below : The first most loved feature or functionality is it’s fast startup. You can use external mouse, keyboard, drive and much more. If your PC is showing any bug or error It’s troubleshoot feature will try to resolve your problem. Automatic software installation and maintenance is another important functionality available in this edition of windows.Your PC will be turned on completely in nano seconds, if you are using Windows XP. Advanced portable support is another best function, Yes! As you already know that every product is good and bad for some reasons but here I’m going to give you some Pros and Cons of Windows XP : Pros : Random Access Memory (RAM) : 512 Mb. Your softwares will automatically updated and maintained.You’ll never be asked to choose manual installation. If you’re using PC for study purpose or business purpose then obviously you have to setup a PC which is faster, easy to use & can run all the basic applications like Microsoft Office etc.You can customize your Windows startup according to your own desires.Visit Stack Exchange I have an MSI Wind U100 Netbook that I reset back to factory defaults, and I'm trying to run Windows Update. A search for this issue shows a number of other people having trouble with Windows Update, but it seems that everyone else is able to resolve by performing one or more of the above items. As indicated above, however, I've tried updating to IE 8 and letting it sit for hours. I created a blog post on my website with detailed instructions and links to the updates you'll need to download.It's a completely fresh image, not a single thing was done to it besides filling out information like username, timezone, etc. It'll take you about 10 minutes and you should have Windows Updates working again.

This update can take some time to install so please be patient.

Windows Update Agent 3.0 Install Windows Update Agent 3.0.

This update will fix the Error you get when trying to run windows Updates.

If you’re running a business or you need speed with simple graphical interface then I’ll recommend you to use windows XP because It is the only operating system which is simple and speedy as well.

Your computer will never stuck, you can do your operations easily.

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Update for Windows XP (KB927891) This is the update to fix or prevent the 99% CPU usage issue.

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