Updating your bathroom

They have so much movement and drama, I half expect a face to appear and tell me that I am, “the fairest of them all.” Ardor has a tutorial on how to make your own version here.Even if you choose super expensive tile, this is a cheap option because you only need a few feet for a frame (measure and calculate based on your mirror’s dimensions).

That being said, bathrooms can look dated or tired quite quickly if not well maintained or updated from time to time.With all of the amazing metallic spray paint and fantastic stencils out there, the sky is the limit.Source: Source: Constance Guisset I love these water color mirrors by Constance Guisset!Over the years, the grout between the tiles gets dirty and if they don’t get cleaned regularly they can become pretty gross…This can make the whole room look gloomy and dated.

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They’re not the most talked or written about rooms on the internet but it’s a room that should be cared about and updated just as often as any other room in the house.

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