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If I recall correctly - it was something to do with some kind of list. I tried to paste new column from another file where the column is working as I want...

How to replace the last digit in a cell with a letter My cells in a column are filled with amounts for which I have to change the last digit into a letter. if last digit is 1 and the amount is positive it should be changed into an A if it's negative it should be changed in a J If the last digit is 2 and the amount is positive it should be changed into a B, if it's negative it should be changed into a K.

I tried nine zero's in the custom format with no results.

Thanks Select all the cells and Format wrote in message news: [email protected] Validation dropdown list is not coming visible Hi, I'm using XP and 2003.

Search a range of cells for a specific word I want to search every cell in a column until I get to a cell that has a sentence that starts with the word "Disclaimer:" How would I write code for that?

Use edit sentence that starts with the word "Dis...excel cell borders Have Office 2000 on PC & Office X on Mac.

I have a problem that I have once found resolution, but now it came again and cannot remember what needs to be done.

So a US buck = 1.20 Can HTH Regards, Howard "suegr" O... I have been using the Go To function for blank but am wondering if there is an easier way. Denise, here is a macro by Dave Peterson Sub Found_Merged_Cells() 'macro looks for merged cells ' By Dave Peterson Dim my Cell As Range Dim resp As Long For Each my Cell In Active Sheet. Cells in chart sheet I want to link in a range of cells into a chart sheet. Not sure I understand but: With active chart, type = in Formula Bar then click on a cell in worksheet You chart now has a text box displaying the same as the worksheet cell Any help? Paste data to cell and keep destination font and size Hello I need to paste data to a cell and keep the destination font and size, I know I can do the paste special and tell it to use destination settings, but is there a way to do this without having to tell it to use the destination settings every time. The cells in question did not have any filters on them but the sheet did have a few cells that had filtering on them that is why I got the delete entire sheet row? I took the filter off of the few cells on the sheet and tried again and it worked. best wishes -- Bernard Liengme ca/people/bliengme remove CAPS in email address "LH" I want to link in a range of cells into a chart sheet. If you are using Excel 2003 or 2007, after a paste operation you should see a paste option icon near the receiving cell. Address Then resp = Msg Box(prompt:="found: " _ ... A comment was "inserted to a cell" but when you right click on the cell and hit edit comment the box that normally comes up that you can edit doesn't .... the named range contains entries that are wider than the data validation cell 2. Validating against a DTDHello All, I am trying to validate an xml file against a DTD. path=../../codebank/System_Xml/Xml Validating Reader/Validator/validator.src&file=validator.cs&font=3 but its not working in my case. Best wishes Harald Excel MVP Followup to newsgroup only please "Michael" Cell Comments #2Hey all Is there any reason a cell comment would be restricted from editing? In this case, the list starts almost a full cell width to the left. Thanks, Barb Reinhardt Barb, In Excel2003 I can replicate what you describe under the following conditions: 1.

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