Vba subform recordsource not updating bulk updating gem source index

Now whenever the record changes in the form, the subform should refresh itself.One of the steps for creating a report in Microsoft Access is to define where the data is coming from.If you’re the developer for a database with a lot of reports, this could actually be a standard bit of code that you add as part of report design.

This will put you into the VBA environment and create a new blank subroutine for the Report_Open event. If there is no Record Source set, then the property reads as a zero-length string ( “” ) so the Len() function (length) returns a 0.

As far as I can recall, doing a refresh instead should do what you want. I am trying to do this using the after update event on the sub form.

I presume only one person at a time could be adding records to the underlying data, so there would be no need to reload the form, which deletes any bookmarks and moves to the start of the recordset. Is there another way to get refresh to work or any other suggestions?

In the after update event of the sub form I entered me.parent.requery which worked, but then it jumps to the first record.

What is the best way to display the new info in the parent form while staying on the same record?

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In some cases, however, you might want to use the same report object for many different queries.

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  1. You can also set constraints to VALIDATE or NOVALIDATE, in any combination with ENABLE or DISABLE, where: ENABLE ensures that all incoming data conforms to the constraint DISABLE allows incoming data, regardless of whether it conforms to the constraint VALIDATE ensures that existing data conforms to the constraint NOVALIDATE means that some existing data may not conform to the constraint In addition:- ENABLE VALIDATE is the same as ENABLE.