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SIBG is one of the pioneering seduction communities – both online and offline – and we have been active since 2001 when we were founded here in Baltimore by Matthew Ganz in a basement off Calvin Street (think Fight Club).It was clear that Strauss’ method became popular and accepted because of his New York Times’ bestselling book, and therefore, it created a stir as men became more curious as to what these “seduction techniques” can do for them AND to women.What that is done, it’s time to bring her back UP again in the emotional roller coaster.You do this by telling her a happy incident which she can relate to. Some women react immediately to these roller coasters, while others may take repeated exposures to Fractionation before giving in. her (good AND bad) which you can use to compose your Fractionation questions with.See that she lightens up, and then hit her with a sad story to bring her back down again. And because you’ve shared those experiences with her, her recall of those past incidences will be more vivid and powerful.And with you as one of the “characters” in those experiences, it will make it much easier to re-establish rapport and attraction, too.When Neil Strauss wrote his book called “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of the Pickup Artists”, it created—quite a buzz.

For a free invite to Derek Rake’s Masterclass on Mind Control, enter your email below – ow that you’ve got an understanding of how Mind Control works from the Masterclass above (seriously, don’t miss it for the world! Similarly, you can “trick” a woman’s mind into ASSUMING that she has got a if you can bring her through an emotional roller coaster with you. Here’s the first step you need to take in order to Fractionate a woman: Make her recall and describe a past incident which made her feel especially happy.John Grinder, who founded the Neuro Linguistic Programming, then used Freud’s methods in developing his own techniques.In a nutshell, —tricks Freud likes to use as we all know—in getting the job done when it comes to unlocking the brain and all its deepest, darkest secrets.(This is the TOP of the emotional roller coaster.) When this is done, then ask her (again, you can use this word-for-word): as possible.This is the BOTTOM of the emotional roller coaster.

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