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Now it’s time to get started with the transformation by applying step one, the black primer.

Danny Lipford: This week we’re helping homeowner Stephanie Ward pull off a budget makeover for her kitchen and we’ve just finished prepping her countertop for a coating that will make them look like granite.

The label on the tube will tell you if it accepts paint or not. And you see it just drips inside, and eventually that will puddle up on the bottom and the newspaper will absorb it so it won’t spill out of the box.

So it has to be removed and replaced with a paintable variety. And then just take it, put the knife in the cardboard, and draw it through.

This week, we’re helping homeowner Stephanie Ward makeover her kitchen and we’re going to do it on a shoe-string budget. The countertops are chipping, they’re kind of dingy, and, dark. Danny Lipford: Yeah, I thought you had one of those neat little tilt-outs.

Stephanie Ward: We’ve been here, well a total of 10 years.

Back in the kitchen, Ashley is adding some details to enhance the illusion of real granite. And that right there is about all you’re going to want on there. And many times when we’re out on the road and Allen runs out of his hair spray. So if you’re in the market for a new garbage disposal, or you want to upgrade one, look no further than right here. And basically this is the Mac Daddy Cadillac of garbage disposals. This is also a great time for Allen to help Stephanie install the tilt-out. Danny Lipford: As well as a roll-out we picked up for the cabinets. Now, you’ve got your pipes in here and there’s not a lot you can do, but we can put a roll-out tray right here. Also, you want to put a very, very light coat on which is the same thing you want to do any time you’re spraying. Jodi Marks: You know, if you have a busy kitchen like I do, there’s nothing worse then flipping the switch for your garbage disposal and it not working or it’s not working properly because it’s not powerful enough. So while it does, we start putting back up the cabinet doors. We get a lot of people who of course, all of their cleaning supplies are typically under the kitchen sink. Ashley Fleming: We’ve got the primer, b lack roll-on primer. First of all, we recently did a countertop and we used a finish that looks just like granite that was very easy to apply, so, maybe we can talk to the folks that do that and see if we can take care of that. Danny Lipford: Also, you know, this kind of out-dates the kitchen. We could maybe upgrade that to, say, polished nickel? Danny Lipford: That’d look pretty good and kind of go along with your sink and so forth. They’ve not only agreed to send us one of their granite finish kits, they’re sending an expert, Ashley Fleming, to help Stephanie apply the finish.

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Danny Lipford: The caulk on most countertops isn’t paintable. Stephanie Ward: Well, I’ve decided that I wanted the counters re-done, and Ashley is here to help me get it done. And then, what you can do is scrape up the paint stripper. Scraping, you see just how easily this comes up, but it’s a pretty gooey mess.

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