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They say that nobody is ready for Asuka, and that may well be the case, as we can’t find any real evidence of a boyfriend within the last few years.Still, that kind of mysterious appeal coupled together with our bad luck will likely lead to her finding a spouse relatively soon, and if she doesn’t, then the majority of our readers will likely volunteer as tribute.The name of Fox’s boyfriend hasn’t been revealed on social media unless he is in fact called "stud." Either way they seem to be very loved up, with the guy apparently being a musician of some sort if we’re going to imply from context.Alas, you’ve got to feel sorry for him a little bit, knowing that her ex-boyfriend was the man mountain Wade Barrett.Solow, who debuted on 205 Live at the start of 2017, is an independent wrestler who is attempting to break his way into the big time.While things may have been a little bit hit and miss for him as of late, he’s still got one thing that many other male superstars in his position would likely kill to have – and that’s Bayley.

Clearly many people have noticed that, with the most important person in that category being her long-term boyfriend and now fiancé, Aaron Solow.

Not only is Alexa Bliss one of the best female athletes in WWE history, but she’s also known for being the sweetheart of the entire division among fans.

That, in itself, is quite ironic given the fact that she’s been playing a cocky heel for the last few years.

In terms of her career, Brooke just hasn’t been given the opportunity to grow as a performer, as she was thrust onto the main roster far too early into her stint as a professional wrestler.

In terms of her relationship, Brooke suffered a tragedy a few months back when her partner Dallas Mc Carver passed away at the age of just 26.

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