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His family, keeping a vigil at the hospital, began crying when one of the doctors came to them with the announcement, Prinze was then administered last rites by a priest. In January of 1983, a jury confirmed what his mother had pursued, that Freddie was acting under the influence of drugs, and that he was playing with the gun, and it accidentally went off.

He died at in the afternoon on January 29, 1977, 33 hours after shooting himself. The Suicide Note Police did find a note in Freddie Prinze's room that said, Freddie's funeral was held at the Old North Church and he was laid to rest in the Court of Remembrance at Forest Lawn Cemetery, in Hollywood Hills. As a result of the verdict, the family received what is believed to be a healthy life insurance pay out. ] "Another Accident" Surprisingly, this was not Freddie Prinze's only flirtation with suicide.

Kathy would soon become pregnant and give birth to their only child, Freddie Prinze, Jr. One of those calls was to Marvin "Dusty" Snyder, Prinze's business manager.

Prinze also secured several high-profile stand-up gigs in Vegas, and he performed at the inauguration ball for then-President Jimmy Carter.

But Prinze continued with the emotion-charged phone calls, even while Dusty was still in the room.

In one particular call to his mother, the actor reportedly said, in the other, Prinze calmly sat down on the sofa in his extended-stay hotel room and raised the gun to his head.

As soon as his father died by committing suicide and shooting a gun within himself in the year 1977 he started taking out all the responsibility of his family.

The downward spiral had begun back then, forcing the star to drink heavily and rely more and more on drugs to cope with everyday life. reports that Freddie's gun was actually a .380 Astra Constable that he bought at a Big 5 sporting goods store on Wilshire and San Vicente Blvds.

In one particularly foretelling moment he told his friends, "Life isn't worth living" and proceeded to pull out his unloaded gun, place it to his head, and squeeze the trigger. The gun is a copy of the James Bond gun, a Walther PPK.

During the very long years they met each other in the shooting of the movie named I Know What You Did Last Summer they met for the very first time and they fall into the zone of affair.

Till today no any interviews are there they mentioned about their divorce and living happily in Los Angeles he even does not can imagine getting his married life to make a break.

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