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However, according to Sohu website, the 30-year-old singer, who met Zhong again earlier this year while working in China, was recently spotted house hunting with Zhong, triggering speculations that the two have reconciled and are planning to move in together.The rumours were further supported by Hebe's neighbour, who claimed that Ruohan has been visiting the singer's house frequently.In 2001, with "lovers are not full" debut and fame, and then repeatedly swept the major music list single song, has been a popular idol female portfolio.

She was later romantically linked to her own manager, Liao Huicheng, when they were spotted behaving extra friendly to each other during a walk in the park and the latter even spent the night at Hebe's residence in September last year.

Hebe Tian but career brainchild of Hebe Tian, in the emotion but little scandal.

JJ Lin likes Hebe Tian, which is known to all in the entertainment world.

in 2005 about SHE is not like fire, the Asian women's day with high, medium and low three voice, tri band of bel canto, three personality.

Three of them unique, complementary character, is hilarious and jumping thinking known nonsense woman combination.

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