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Records have it that he married her on 20th December 1983 and that they ended the union in 1985.

Johnny Depp naturally wants to move on from his increasingly messy split with former wife Amber Heard.

While it was reported that the actor is fixing his life and clearing the mess of the failed marriage, it was disclosed that he’s made out time to find love again.

Nevertheless, the identity of his love interest(s) remains unknown.

In the romantic dark fantasy film wherein Mr Depp starred as an artificial man (Edward), an old inventor suffered a heart attack and died before he could give Edward hands and make him a perfect artificial man.It is said that they became lovers after they met on a set and dated for a number of years, beginning in 1985.They eventually got engaged to become life partners but for reasons best known to them, they abandoned the plan sometime in 1988.Well, the pleasant feelings started deteriorating and by mid-1993, they’ve had enough of themselves. They were cute together and he even asked the American actress to be his wife.Surprisingly, the whole stuff was a quickie which lasted for only a handful of months in 1989. Like Jennifer Grey, Mr Depp made a move to make Sherilyn his wife.

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