Who is memphitz that toya is dating

Stop waiting around on people’s apologies, cause you may never get it, and if you do it might be 2late.

Today on the video set I was so darn proud of the woman I’m becoming. Now if I can only get rid of Petty Betty(my alter ego)? I told my story and that’s the end of this chapter.

You prayed about it, cried, even tried to convince yourself that you were over it. This week I took pride in someone else’s hurt, because they hurt me. I faced my fear and decided to confront this without lawyers,family members, or cameras in the way.

This 1 thing has held me hostage to hurt for 5 years. My Little spat with Toya was uncalled for but needed. To my surprise it was not only a mature convo, but I felt like the world had been lifted off my back. I know what it’s like to be at your lowest and have the world pointing fingers at you. I forgive HIM now maybe I can start forgiving THEM.

But if you take a look at HIS most recent social media posts, you’d start to think otherwise.

Memp Hitz has posted a few questionable posts on Instagram over the last couple months, which lead some to believe something might be going on in the Wright household. When Cash Money was on fire, Toya says her dating life was, “a lot.” She adds, “I had to deal with a lot of females, I was put out of school for fighting, it was a lot of drama that came with dating a young rapper that was very popular in the city.” Toya claims “Wayne back in the day was charming,” She says, “Wayne had his pimp ways with girls,” resulting in girls attacking her.

The 33-year-old Wright is now suspected of having a baby with sports manager Robert Rushing, who also goes by “Red.”Not much is known about Rushing publicly, but he does have a clothing brand called “2commasclothing” and is also CEO of a travel and lifestyle business called RUSH. Either way, Wright and her family are happy about the newest addition to the family and we can’t wait to learn more about the baby—and the father!

Being the wife and mother of a rapper’s child may seem glamorous, but the former wife of Young Money star Lil Wayne is speaking out, saying “It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.” If you keep up with Toya on Instagram, everything seems to be fine in her marriage with husband/producer Memp Hitz (above attending a Christmas party two weeks ago).As for rumors Memphitz impregnated another woman which led to the current marreiage implosion, those are false. Toya Wright was known to America as the infamous raoper LIL Wayne’s wife or baby mama.After weeks of speculation and innuendoes, the celebrity marriage of Toya Wright and Memphitz has come to an end.Lil Wayne’s baby mama Toya Wright is currently living 3000 miles from her husband, music producer hubby Memphitz, existing on opposite coast, as the husband has pitched his tent on Los Angeles.

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In a series of IG posts, he talks about the hardships of being in a “public marriage”, how he might possibly be suffering a love lost and how it’s just him against the world. Despite the chaos, Toya says things, “got better.” She said, “Now we’re grown, we’re friends, I’m married, he’s in a relationship or whatever.” When it comes their daughter, Toya says, “We do a great job co-parenting.” The craziest situation Toya caught herself in with Wayne and a female was when “a girl spray painted my car pink.” She adds, “I use to have to deal with so much.” Results were that Toya “had to get out of the city.” Fans would “scratch my car, put stuff in the mailbox, it was just weird.” Wright says Wanye proposed twice, and she finally said yes.

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