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Starring Clive Owen, Robert De Niro, Jason Statham and Strahovski, the flick centers on a retired special ops agent (Statham) who is tasked with rescuing his mentor (De Niro). [laughs] So it just kept getting better and better. The show is ending and you have made the transition into doing features. I caught the film at TIFF and if you’re a fan Statham and the rest of the cast, it’s definitely worth seeing. ” So I had to go online and find out where they were. I was really chuffed to be working with Jason Statham to begin with and then we found out that Clive Owen was signing on. I’m assuming that once the show wraps that the doors will open. We sort of have to protect Morgan now whereas initially we started the whole show where I was protecting Chuck. We are married and Morgan is our man child that we have to protect. It is funny because I have worked on films during my hiatus and films are a slower pace. When you first got back to the set for episode one this year, was there a different energy for you? Most of the film directors expect their actors to want to work fast. Can you talk about how it is like knowing that this is the final year? Actually, the end of last season was a big hit moment for me.

I have sort of learned to get it done in the first 2 takes. What is like for you with this being the final season?

Quotes: Interesting Facts: Yvonne attended acting lessons from her early ages.

This beautiful actress was an active dancer from the age 5 to 18.

So I knew I was going to spend the day one-on-one with him. Strahovski: It was straight off the bat when the script first came to me. NBC could maybe still go another 6 or 9 if the ratings are good. You sort of get to be all of these different characters. Whether it is television or film, the character on the page has to speak to me. What can fans look forward to in these first few episodes?

So I wanted to get the meeting portion of the whole thing over and done with beforehand, which was really great. I knew that I was going to be doing an Australian accent. I think I can speak for all of the actors on the show when I say that we have such loyal fans. What have you guys been doing and what can you tease besides the amazing guest stars?

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I think she is the only one who send friend requests. Famous persons in Australia can be divided into categories namely: actors, sportspeople, artists, and politicians just but to mention a few.

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